September 11, 2009

The Diversity Plan

The Elizabethtown College faculty has just received the following charge from the provost, who is an engaged feminist and diversitarian. Enthusiastic support from most of the faculty is expected.

TO: Faculty and Professional Staff
FROM: Susan Traverso
DATE: September 11, 2009
RE: Diversity Plan

I am happy to distribute for your review the Diversity Task Force?s plan for strengthening campus diversity.  The diversity retreat last May provided valuable recommendations and suggestions, and the members of the Diversity Task Force have worked over the summer to make revisions to the plan.  Substantial additional work done based on the comments during the retreat as well as feedback for other reviewers, including Alma Clayton-Pederson of AAC&U who facilitated the retreat, Senior Staff, and the Academic Affairs and Student Life committees of the Board of Trustees.

The Diversity Task Force has asked me to distribute the current draft plan for any final comments or suggestions.  The plan is scheduled to be included on the agenda for Faculty Assembly?s September 22nd meeting.  In order to make the deadline for that agenda, I must ask that you review the document over the next few days and send comments or suggestions by Wednesday, September 15.  You are welcome to send your comments to me directly or communicate with any of the members of the Diversity Task Force.

The Diversity Task Force is eager to present the plan to the Faculty Assembly for discussion and possible vote on September 22.  Your review and comments over the next several days will allow that process to move forward.  Pending endorsement by the Faculty Assembly, the diversity plan will be sent to the Board of Trustees in October.

I would like to thank the members of the Diversity Task Force, and particularly Diane Elliot,  who have worked diligently to engage the campus community in this process.  The goals set forth in the plan are ambitious and will require all of us to move them forward.  Inspired by the College?s strong commitment to academic excellence and core values of social justice, human dignity, and peace, the diversity plan is grounded upon the College?s mission even as it asks us to reach further to make our campus and educational programs more inclusive.

On its webpage, the Elizabethtown Office of Diversity describes its mission as “providing an environment which affirms human differences and similarities.”

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