February 17, 2009

The economic crisis is affecting us all

A sad tale from Beijing:

Man holds beauty contest after being unable to afford 5 mistresses

The businessman, named as Mr Fan and said to be from the city of Qingdao on the east coast, invited the five mistresses, who had all previously learned of each others’ existence, to dinner, according to a local newspaper, the Peninsula Metropolitan News.

Along with a friend, who worked for a model agency, and inspired by reality television shows, he then laid on a competition for them, according to the report.

One woman was eliminated during a “looks round” and two more, who worked as clerical officers in his company, during a speech round. The final round was a drinking competition.

Is the ability to throw down multiple glasses of Baijiu really what distinguishes a superior mistress from the average ones?

To each his own.

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