September 15, 2009

The Glenn Beck Deception

Takimag’s South Carolina contingent has been getting awfully pro-Glenn Beck of late (or at least anti-anti-Glenn Beck). I’ve become much less sympathetic after watching this YouTube mash-up in which the man opines that the 700-Billion Bankster Bailout was not only “necessary” but “not nearly enough”! 

Whether Glenn’s a “libertarian” or not is immaterial; the point is that he’s taken some terrible positions over the years. And the notion that he isn’t just anti-Obama but was critical of Bush, too, looks more and more like a big myth: Glenn was start-struck after his trip to the Oval Office where he learned that Dubya “felt the pain” of all the fallen soldiers.

Glenn’s not a “neocon” either, of course, as this term should be reserved for intellectuals who made the Trotskyite-to-Reaganite transition, but let’s not get hung up on semantics.

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