August 13, 2008

The Israel-Washington-Georgia Network

Not only does your average Steve Sailer essay contain more ideas per paragraph than I come up with all year, but Steve has a knack for speaking the unspeakable about genetics, race, inequality, and ethno-centrism, while all the while cleverly relating these big taboos to all that quotidian, daily-life stuff we always overlook precisely because it?s right under our noses.

Ever wonder why every pundit in America seems to believe that the latest war in the Caucuses amounts to evil Soviet-Czarist Russia attacking poor little democratic Georgia? Well, it has something do with a lot of journalists not hearing the news that the Cold War is over. But it also has a lot to do with the ?American-Israeli-ex-Soviet Union triangle.? In other words, the fact that ?[s]ome American pundit knows a guy through their kids’ soccer team who knows a lot about Georgia, and he heard it from his brother-in-law in Israel whose next-door neighbor is in business with the Georgian government?you know, that kind of thing.?

It?s all about the networks:

Network effects are inevitable. It’s not a conspiracy, although, as always, there are paid promoters involved (for example, John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann was a lobbyist for the country of Georgia).

Fortunately, we’re allowed to mention those kind of network ties in polite society. What we aren’t supposed to draw attention to is something that has increasingly popped up in American foreign policy over the years: the American-Israeli-ex-Soviet Union triangle.
The Israeli media has been full of stories on the close ties between at least one faction in Israel and the government of Georgia. Here’s an article by the Jewish pro-Israel writer David Bedein on the subject from today’s Philadelphia Evening Bulletin:


At the end of 2003, a group of young idealists, led by Mikhail Saakashvili, who was elected to the government and has a pro-Western policy, rose to power in Georgia. Mr. Saakashvili is interested in having his country join the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which also led to the conflict with Russia. As part of his efforts to join NATO, Mr. Saakashvili expanded his army to approximately 26,000 soldiers and worked to turn it into a Western-style, sophisticated army. This led to an increase in security exports from Israel amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

As I said, this isn’t so much a conspiracy as a network. It’s not at all clear what the Israeli government’s position is on Georgia—the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry appear to be squabbling over which side Israel should be on. Haaretz reported:
In a move which drew heavy criticism from defense officials, Israel’s Foreign Ministry over the weekend recommended complete cessation of the sale of weapons and security-related equipment to Georgia in light of the fighting between its troops and the Russian Army. “The Foreign Ministry’s approach demonstrates a naively simplistic view and a lack of understanding of the complex world of the security deals which Israel is conducting with foreign partners,” a defense official told Haaretz on condition of anonymity.

But, it is clear, that some Israelis have strong interests in Georgia, and those Israelis have lots of connections in the U.S. [?]

The American pundit doesn’t even know that the info he’s been hearing about Georgia is financially biased. And he has an inherited hatred for Russian nationalists, so he is inclined by childhood indoctrination to believe whatever spiel he’s hearing about plucky little Georgia standing up to the new Czar in the Kremlin.

These network biases are natural. What is unnatural is that we Americans have unilaterally disarmed our national immune system against people yanking our chains. We aren’t supposed to ever notice the pattern. When we hear this kind of propaganda, we aren’t allowed to laugh and say, “Oh, man, this isn’t another one of those Israeli weapons deals again, now is it?”

And of course we absolutely aren’t allowed to mention what a large fraction of American pundits, reporters, editors, owners, and advertisers are Jewish.

Once again, this is not an example of Jewish conspiracy, but of Jewish networks and neuroses.

What American needs are a sense of humor about Jewish networks and neuroses and their impact on American foreign policy, but that’s not permitted.


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