March 24, 2009

The last word on legalization

Evan McLaren is correct that the question of legalizing drugs is a no-win situation for our side. While the present anti-drug campaign has created a never-ending round of police-raids, I?m not sure that legalization would settle the issue very well. More likely it would coincide with the increased use of mind-altering drugs, as a form of recreation, as legalization has done in some European countries. The addicts would also be covered by the odious American with Disabilities Act, as has already begun to happen, as the courts have interpreted ?disabilities.? Before long we?d be swamped with cases of stupefied drug-users bringing legal actions against employers who would be accused (have you guessed?) of ?discrimination.? Without stretching my imagination, I could easily imagine a drug-users? month being inserted into our multicultural liturgical calendar, along with feast days and Lenten months for other designated victims. Advocates of drug legalization could make a better case for their side once we manage to abolish our present welfare, PC regime. (Alas that may be never!)

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