April 14, 2008

The Liberty-Loving Geeks Must Be Stopped!

I couple of days ago, I got a message on facebook from a group called ?Bureaucrash?, a ?libertarian youth? organization, inviting me to take part in a Thomas Jefferson birthday celebration that would involve taking your ipod to the Jefferson memorial, cranking it up just before midnight, and then dancing around like it was 1776. The whole thing struck me as the kind of harmless, brainy fun I witnessed among many of my honor-role colleagues while I was an undergrad at UVA?hey, let?s go read ghost stories on The Lawn to celebrate Edgar Allen Poe?s birthday, perhaps someone will bring beer, and maybe Will will get up the nerve to ask his TA on a date! Crazy! 

Things like a Jefferson dance-a-thon probably won?t shock anyone, or convince many of the One True Way of libertarianism; however, it?s a good excuse for blogging geeks to get out of the house and have some fun! 

I never expected a full government crackdown! Don’t tase me bro!

That the government would rough up a bunch of brainy geeks dancing in celebration of a Founding Father while DC is experiencing one of its perennial crime waves, while the mayor fights to keep handguns away from law-abiding citizens, and while our southern borders go unprotected seems an almost perfect encapsulation of ?Anarcho-Tyranny.? 

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