February 02, 2009

The Nativists Are Restless

A warning to all Takimag readers: I?ve just been informed, by the New York Times no less, that a dangerous extremist is amongst us?indeed, he?s actually been regularly contributing to this webzine! Marcus Epstein. Yes, he might look young and innocent, and, yes, his name kinda sounds like one you?d find on the New York Times subscriber rolls. But underneath lurks a soul capable of horrifying and obviously delusional notions, such as his contention that John McCain actually didn?t get anywhere with Hispanics by proposing Amnesty and pandering to them for years. Madness!

Marcus Epstein, the face of White Supremacism

I?m just glad the Times spoke out early, before the floundering GOP actually listened to Marcus?s dark counsel. 

You can read the Times‘s shocking report for yourself here.

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