August 27, 2008

The Stupid Party

Senator Allan Simpson of Wyoming was reportedly the first person to label the GOP the ?Stupid Party,? a slightly preferable organization to the depraved Democratic ?Evil Party.? Well, I find it difficult to tell which party is more evil these days, but the Democrats are definitely making the case at their convention that they are by far and way the most stupid.

Monday night was a net loss?not only was the whole show idiotic and unwatchable, but the DNC generally embarrassed itself by trotting out Michelle Obama and forcing her to wax on about her family values and love of country. Last night was basically a wash, this time due to pure selfishness. In his keynote address, Mark Warner clearly didn?t give a fig about Obama and decided to give a speech that would help him get elected to the Senate in a purple state?stressing bipartisanship and his love of smart political ideas, no matter which party they come from. He added in a little Jim Webb-style southern Virginia populism, which again was meant for domestic consumption.

Hillary then came on stage and in her speech and accompanying video presented herself as an iconic figure in the women?s movement. The tenor of the performance was, ?Isn?t it sad that I, representative of all women, didn?t quite go over the top this year. Well, maybe next time?? I also agree with someone whom I almost never agree with that Hill?s endorsement of Obama was ?shockingly minimal.? I think it?s safe to say that we can expect some more ?it?s all about me? antics when it?s Joe Biden?s turn this evening.

Are the Democrats really this stupid?and petty, and self-absorbed, and oblivious?that they?re going to screw up their big chance when most of the country is longing for something?anything?different than Bush and Republican rule? I think they are.     

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