August 26, 2008

The Treason of the Clerics?

In my new piece at, I take on the open-borders heresy being preached to Catholics, using the real principles of prudence and patriotism which bind believers. 

Here’s a sample:
If we are indeed to treat immigrants as fully human, as equal moral adults, then we won’t wax hysterical when they face the consequences of breaking the law. If I snuck into Mexico and used false identity papers to gain financial benefits from its citizens, I know I might end up in a jail cell. I wouldn’t expect a Mexican parish to hide me, and sign me up for benefits funded by the local government. The state has its structures and its legal codes, and except where they are grossly unjust, we are expected to obey them. If Caesar has the right to mint currency and collect taxes—and we have this on pretty high authority, I think—then he’s probably also in charge of granting citizenship. If he isn’t, who is? The companies that crave cheap labor? The ethnic lobbies? Our bishops?

I hope you check it out.

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