August 25, 2008

The Week That Was at Takimag (Aug. 17-23, 2008)

Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA?s Osama bin Laden Unit, told us why Afghanistan is where Empire always go to die.

Brendan O?Neill introduced us to the self-righteous new sport of China bashing, popular on both right and left. 

Taki expounded on the morality of womanizing and why F. Scott Fitzgerald might just be the greatest American novelist of all time.

Pat Buchanan wondered who started Cold War II?, and thinks he might have a pretty good suspect?McCain advisor Randy Scheunemann.

John Zmirak recounted the dreams and delusions of New Yorkers as only Zmirak can. 

Richard Spencer wrote about how Sociobiology tells just about everything we already knew about SEX, and then got serious, and wrote how ?The West? ain?t all it?s cracked up to be and why we should get out of NATO?now. 

Leon Hadar gave us a triple movie review about how Woody Allen is becoming kinda conservative and how Hollywood is telling lots of morality tales these days. 

Helen Rittlemeyer talked about why the International Criminal Court should stay out of the Georgia imbroglio.

Austin Bramwell wonders whether we should really care that much about the ?conservative canon? anyway.

Up on The Sniper’s Tower, Grant Havers pondered Freedom of Speech and Freedom Religion in both East and West. Richard Spencer told why Obama’s selection of Joe Biden might cost him the election and lamented that Crystal Gail Magnum of Duke LAX Hoax fame has written book—uuuhhh…

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