March 24, 2008

Tom Tomorrow Nails the Neos

A brilliant cartoon by Tom Tomorrow about neocon intellectual denial speaks for itself.

The fact that these evil hacks still control the Republican party makes it critical that their pet maniac, McCain, go down in flames in November. Let the Democrat handle our bloody withdrawal, and ride the whirlwind of the DEPRESSION which I fear is right around the corner—while we fight to take back our movement and party from the Halliburton cronies, chicken-hawks, Straussians, and other “engineers of human souls.”

If McCain wins, and presides over an economic collapse while he stokes a second unjust war—even as he opens the borders to millions of future diehard voters for the welfare state—we might see a political realignment on the order of 1932. On the Life issue: Do you really think a man who’d seriously consider Joe “Partial Birth” Lieberman as a running mate is going to appoint another Scalia to the Court? If you buy that, I’ve got a bridge in Basra I’d like to sell you.

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