December 11, 2008

Un guazzabuglio

Unlike my respondents, I do not recoil from the fact that the CP appeals largely to Bible-believing Christians. The faith of such people as well as respect for the text of the Constitution went into creating what used to be the American Right?and before that, the American mainstream. Personally I feel a lot more comfortable around such types than I do around the advocates of individual autonomy in the Libertarian Party or around the Dispensationalists, who have provided the neocons with their (now expendable) foot-soldiers. Although the CP in its present form may not suit all of our tastes, it does offer the beginnings of a real Party of the Right.
Anent Richard?s sarcastic reaction to Bill Kristol?s latest example of marching in lockstep with the Left, one thing that came to mind is how tepid the responses on the bogus right were to Kristol?s commentary. Those whose livelihoods depend on the neocons (which includes by now almost the entire conservative movement) are in no state to get really pissed off. They have to tone down their censures by delivering lectures on Hayek or by subtilizing about Kristol’s thinly veiled overtures to the Obama camp. One has to be a fool or a knave not to notice what is going on. Kristol?s hymn to a large welfare state is certainly not the only example of the ?conservative movement?s? search for allies on the left. And those who take their largess from the Kristol camp will have to put the least objectionable face on a situation that is likely to become even more outrageous as the changing of the guard goes forth

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