August 07, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens’ leaked photos

Vanessa Hudgens is the latest Hollywood starlet to find that nude photos of herself have leaked onto the internet. Actually, we’ve had Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos before, not just those of other poppets baring their all. The last time around, in 2007, it was Hudgen’s then boyfriend, Zach Efron, who was thought to have leaked photos which had been taken specifically for him. We’ll not point you to the actual leaked photos themselves as Hudgens was apparently under age when they were taken: making it illegal for us to show them and illegal for you to look at them.

There are two schools of thought as to why this keeps happening, that varied starlets, both would be and not quite A List, seem to find that photos of them in fewer clothes than they might wish in public are splattered all over the internet. The first is that they are simply dim and do not realise that photos of pretty young women deshabille have a ready market and it’s all the larger if the kid in his mother’s basement can actually put a name to the face over the more normally private bits.

The other explanation is that such revelations seem to coincide with the opening of a film starring our starlet. There was very definitely a suspicion of this when Megan Fox photos (sorta topless, but wearing stripper type pasties) “leaked” the week before the latest Transformers movie was released. Megan’s pasties had more acting talent than the rest of the movie put together so it is said, so one can understand why the promotion.

But back to Ms. Hudgens, what is the current betting on the dim/calculating question? She has a film coming out in a few days? Really?

Now there is a surprise.

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