June 10, 2009

Von Brunn and National Socialism

There will be a lot written over the next few days about the murderous attack on the Holocaust Museum by the Neo-Nazi James Von Brunn. In particular, I fully expect to see the SPLC and co. out in droves, pushing the narrative that these attacks are linked to everything from the electoral success of the BNP to the rise of “anti-immigrant sentiment.” Given Von Brunn’s previous prison sentence for an attempted “citizen’s arrest” of former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, one can also assume that criticism of the Federal Reserve will become an even more taboo subject for “respectable” mass media figures than it already is. It is also possible that the Leonard Zeskinds of the world will latch on to this as an example of “racial vanguardism” on the rise.

Hints that Von Brunn was an active part of a broader plan have already hit the airwaves and more are sure to come. Why the racial Leninists would choose a nearly ninety year old man to fire the opening shots in the race war is a question that isn’t likely to be asked on Morning Edition. How it is that Zeskind’s recently released 600-plus page book on such figures was without any reference to Von Brunn isn’t likely to be the topic of much conversation either (in fact, Von Brunn is not mentioned in Daniel Levitas book “The Terrorist Next Door” or any of the recent books released on the subject of Holocaust deniers either).

These “experts” will be protected from criticism, their ignorance obscured and their commitment to wildly inconsistent egalitarian platitudes applauded. Meanwhile mass media will totally ignore the actual politics of the deranged Neo-Nazi Right. And what are their “real politics?” As Justin Raimondo has noted, men like Von Brunn are in fact National Socialists. Obsessed with racial identity to be sure, men like this also have other obsessions and agendas.

To take a personal example, some years back my brother needed a ride home from a party in rural Tennessee. Being young and stupid he got into a car with two men he didn’t know at all for the twenty-plus mile trek back to civilization. Having overheard my brother’s drunken advocacy for Universal Health Care, these guys saw a recruitment opportunity. And so my brother sat in the back seat of a car for nearly an hour as two members of the National Alliance educated him on the need to end foreign wars, create full employment, and drastically expand the powers of the EPA. If not for the hate rock soundtrack, the rhetoric would not have been dissimilar from what one would have heard at an ANSWER rally.

Does this mean that all liberals are closet fascists? Of course not. But don’t expect the mainstream media to make any such distinctions as it regards the American Right.

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