April 19, 2009


Today I got a call.

?Hi Christina, this is Cindy with FedEx. How is your day going?’

What?  Could she really be calling to ask me how my day is going?

Then the lady asked, gently, why I wasn?t shipping anything these days. She wanted to know if I was doing business with another shipping carrier.  I told her I thought she was being a bit nosy. She explained that FedEx was looking closely at all their accounts and was actively seeking ways to improve business.  I assured her that I?m not canoodling with the competition. Just so happens I?m not doing much shipping these days.

Next she started begging. It got embarrassing:  ?FedEx wants to know what we can do better. If you are using another company we want to know what we?re doing wrong.?

I told the lady to tell her boss not to get his knickers in a twist, I remain faithful to Fedex.

I felt like I was soothing a suspicious lover.

Except we?re talking a large corporation, not a lover.

Is this a sign of a fracture?

I don?t know if this qualifies as ?insider trading?, but if you own Federal Express stocks you might want to sell, sell, sell.

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