October 01, 2009

What I Failed to Say

Last week at a faculty meeting I was accused by a feminist colleague of saying that I thought she?d be doing more good for the human race by looking after her soon-to-be-born child than continuing to teach at our college. The lady who made the charge against me insisted that we should be recruiting more inner-city minority students, in order to protect her feelings against the expression of my reactionary opinions. (Perhaps the minority members would be ordered to kill me if I spoke out of turn.) Whatever the merits of the lady?s argument, I really can?t recall having uttered the offending remark. But I wish that I had. I agree with what I was alleged to have said. I can?t think of anything less productive than teaching at a PC institution of non-learning or anything more meritorious than raising a child as a dedicated parent.

I bring up this subject because last night at dinner with my wife and another couple, I backed away from defending my conviction out of excessive politeness. I equivocated when pressed on this all-important matter. Let the world take note! I fully agree with the view that I did not express. In fact I believe Western civilization is doomed unless its inhabitants can be made to look upon themselves first and foremost as the founders and perpetuators of families. Lest I gave any other impression last night, I wish to set the record straight.

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