November 04, 2008

What if McCain Wins?

I had two very interesting conversations this weekend that are worth discussing. The first was with a famous editor of a famous libertarian website. I approached him and asked how he was going to handle the coming Obama victory, mentioning that I had already commissioned a symposium on the “GOPocalypse.” “I don’t think Obama’s going to win” was the editor’s reply, leaving me astonished. “Everyone was sure Obama would win in New Hampshire, but it was a myth.” Needless to say, this is a very outside-the-box view (and perhaps exactly the kind of penetrating insight that only could have been offered by one who has such little regard for mass democracy that he’s able to stand outside it and look at it objectively). I mentioned this theory to an independent scholar whom I met later on, and we discussed the collective handwringing over “racism” that would ensue should Obama lose. And with the media prepping the public for a massive Obama landslide—and a coming Obama Era—I wouldn’t be surprised if there were riots in the inner-cities should McCain come out on top. (Let’s be honest, it’s sadly plausible; and videos such as this reveal the kinds of bizarre dreams that have been sold to many American blacks.) There would, of course, be lots of insinuations about those “racist Republican,” even though, as my conversation partner pointed out, it would have been racist Democrats—”hard-working Americas”/”rednecks” who backed Hillary in the spring—who would have ultimately tipped the election McCain’s way.

After such a victory, McCain would spend the next four years apologizing for winning and promising to work with his great friends in the Senate, Obama and Biden. Obama, on the other hand, would emerge an immensely powerful figure (much as did Andrew Jackson after the election of 1824). Worst of all, after such a victory, the GOP/Right wouldn’t even consider contemplating how its domestic agenda and neocon foreign policy have brought about the party’s terminal decline. But then, the GOP probably wouldn’t do this if McCain loses either.

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