March 04, 2008

Where the Geeks Are

Not too long ago, Derb mused on one of P.J. O?Rourke?s anthropological insights: ?a sure indicator of the dynamism of any political movement is the number of hot babes at gatherings of supporters. Possibly I’ve been reading too much evolutionary psychology, but this strikes me as a nontrivial observation.? It surely is, and Derb directed the audience?s gaze to evidence of some attractive young things attending Ron Paul rallies. 

There was, of course, the presence of another social type at Ron Paul rallies that is also worth noting?a social type that spends hundreds of hours making something like this:


In the geek universe, Cam Cameron (?electibility, do you have any, sir??) and focus-group guru Frank Luntz finally get their ass kicked! For this, we?re willing to forgive the opening quote from Noam Chomsky and the sentiment that average Americans must be liberated from themselves. The ?ber-geek who made this is the kind of man who thought up the ?money bomb? idea, who embarrassed Hannity by helping Ron Paul win the text-message poll after ever FOX debate, who updated Ron Paul?s Facebook account… etc. etc. Who needs sultry coeds! (They probably gravitate to Obama anyway.)

We should also remember that the Geek who spent hundred of hours photos-shopping heads onto live-action video is also not the kind of person who spent much time canvassing and knocking on doors in New Hampshire. This the Paul people did not do nearly enough of. 

Last night, I attended a pre-party for the annual ?politics online? conference. At this shindig, entitled ?Bloggers meet booze,? the crowd was decidedly Left, honeycombed with a few from Townhall. My girlfriend remarked about the many libertarians who designed and programmed the web platforms on which all the lefties collected at the party were blog blog bloging away. Despite our talent, we?re somehow losing.     

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