July 22, 2008

Who Really Rules

Since yesterday neocon central, which is FOX news, and the Evil Empire?s other myriad outlets have been griping about the failure of the New York Times to publish something by John McCain, in the form in which it was sent. Having seen this pedestrian, uninformative statement about Iraq in the New York Post, I doubt I’d use it in my newspaper, even if I were running an enterprise as modest as the Podunk News. (Even small-town papers should have standards.)  But if McCain and GOP ward-heelers are unhappy with their treatment at the Times? editorial office, allow me to make a suggestion that might remedy their problem. Why doesn?t Mac ask David Frum, Bill Kristol, and David Brooks to get their buds at the paper to cut him a break? Clearly these ?conservative? publicists have far more influence with the Times than the GOP, which from the Times? editorial post might look like a collection of cognitively defective goyim (which is exactly what they are). McCain should go to the Times? favorite ?conservatives,? who as Richard Spencer noted in his column are ideologically (and moreover sociologically) indistinguishable from the liberal press that lionizes them. He should have them put his statement about the war into the paper, after going through the formality of getting their colleagues to sign off on it. Let us not mince words here: McCain, Rove and other GOP hacks count for less in the world of liberal journalism than do the ?conservatives? associated with the Times. Unlike the disadvantaged McCain, those supposed intellectuals are allowed to publish in the liberal press nonstop; and when they?re not doing that, they are being showered with exuberant praise from their (barely distinguishable) liberal friends. McCain would do well in this situation to act through more powerful political players.

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