February 21, 2009

Write a Check for America

I love this site. Thanks to the generosity of its namesake, it’s fully funded, and not going anyplace—unlike, as Richard noted with some delight, the likes of Culture11, or Pajamas Media. But there’s another site I love just as much and it’s in some danger: Antiwar.com. That site, which I’ve used as my personal home page for the past seven years, is suffering from the economy and from the delusional thinking afflicting some antiwar folks on the Left, which tells them that Great Father Obama will make all things well under heaven. Now that the Frat Boy in Chief has given way to Obama Christ Superstar (O-bama-hey, bama, bama, bama-ho! Bama-hey, bama-Ho-sanna!) there is nothing more to fear from the gi-normous war machine our declining country continues, incomprehensibly, to “fund.” (By borrowing from China.)

In fact, as his cabinet picks made clear, Obama had neither the means nor the will to challenge the Wall Street insiders who deregulated their own industry (under Clinton) in the name of the “free market,” and are now using the bayonets of the State to pay off their rotten debts. Likewise, Obama turned to the “centrists” (i.e., the left wing of the unitary War Party that runs America with only minimal, derisive dissent) to lead his imperial… oops, “foreign” policy.

Which means we need Antiwar.com now more than ever—just as we needed Pat Buchanan more than ever while Bush was squatting in the White House. Dissent from within the “same” political movement is effective in a different, perhaps more important way, than external attacks. So PLEASE, folks, open up your wallets and send something to Antiwar.com. I’ve already put my money where my mouth is: Apart from my local parish and a dog rescue shelter, Antiwar.com is one of the only charities to which I send money every month—handily deducted via credit card. I urge you all to sign up as regular donors ($10, $20 per month). For the price of a few cigars or copies of The Economist, you can help save American lives and liberty, and keep the scourge of unjust war off the next hapless nation targeted on the neocon’s Risk board.

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