November 05, 2008

You Say You Want an Imperial President…

Well, now we’ve got one. The Republican ideologues who twisted the Constitution into pretzels to grant Dubya almost unrestricted presidential powers—including that to detain and hold an American citizen indefinitely, without legal counsel or formal charges—now have the chance to savor the fruits of their labors. Some of us, six long years ago, warned of the dangers, said things like, “Don’t give George Bush powers you wouldn’t want to see Hillary Clinton wield.”  We were duly laughed at, by people who drank the Tom DeLay Kool-Aid about a “permanent majority.” Any prospect of a Republican re-alignment was squandered by our “cakewalk” into the Mesopotamian quagmire, and the influx of 2 million more future Democratic voters every year across the borders. We cranks, we unclubbable denizens of the fever swamps, we residents of the reality-based community, might justly take a bitter glee in the outcome. Except of course that we are more likely than anyone to feel the brunt of Obama abuse. The “conservatives” who’ve spent the past few weeks preparing the narrative that blames Sarah Palin for McCain’s defeat are quite adept at holding onto their seats at the table—even if they’re only begging for scraps. As someone who loves this country, and is grateful for all it has given my family in the past few generations, I cannot even muster a snicker of “I told you so.”

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