April 15, 2009

YWC in action—Video links

I haven’t really spoken about Youth for Western Civilization much on Takimag, but since we made Drudge, I should mention the event that happened last night.  Congressman Tom Tancredo came to the University of North Carolina to speak on the topic of illegal immigration.  The event was paid for through the Leadership Institute’s Revitalize Our Conservative Knowledge grant program.  He was prevented from speaking by a violent mob that attacked the event.  Below are some videos.

I’ll have some more on this, but I want to pay tribute to our members at the University of North Carolina and Elon who attended last night as well as our other active and start up chapters who have been working hard this semester.  These kids put up with left wing reporters looking to smear them, professors and administrators condemning them and threatening to ban them, and the threat (and reality) of left wing violence from the thugs who serve as the militant wing of the establishment.  Especially if you are a bit older, you simply can not imagine how bad it is.  So far, with almost no training or assistance, and with YWC building off almost no foundation, we’ve attracted some of the smartest, most dedicated, and certainly the gutsiest young people in the country.  These are college kids who are standing up to violent mobs screaming “we know where you sleep!” and talking about the crucial issues of our time in the most hostile environment imaginable. 

I could not be more proud of all of them.

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