“€œThe dentistry scandal made me more aware of how women often don”€™t have as loud a voice as men,”€ Haiven told a reporter in a voice that was at least loud enough that it could be transcribed, “€œand the fact that with the dentistry scandal that men put out demeaning information and made terrible suggestions on the Facebook group, made me realize that we need to hear more from women, especially women in university.”€

It’s almost a statistical certainty that the only people who want to hear more from women are women.

At a recent panel on misogyny”€”sounds like a humdinger of a time”€”Haiven suggested that her personal policy of women-and-darkies-first should be implemented throughout the school.

Also at the panel was a certain Jude Ashburn, who pretends he is a chick yet in the real world is nothing more than a guy who pretends he is a chick. Ashburn describes himself as a “€œnon-binary trans person,”€ as if that picture of him didn”€™t give you enough reason to dislike him already. Regarding the “€œwhite men speak last”€ policy, Ashburn was quoted as saying:

…white people need to start unlearning their privilege and challenging ourselves…anyone who holds privilege in this culture needs to seriously begin the work of giving up that privilege and learning how to live without it.

Speak for yourself, fruitcake. They can have my privilege when they peel it from my cold, dead fingers.

This whole white-men-to-the-back-of-the-line shtick is based on the idea of the “€œprogressive stack,”€ a practice that gained notoriety during the moronic Occupy Wall Street “€œmovement”€ of a few years back. It mandates that during group discussions, preference in speaking order should be given to females, nonwhites, sexual minorities, and who knows, possibly even the entire insect kingdom. White males, since they”€™re always walking around carrying suitcases full of privilege, are pushed to the back of the queue and forbidden to speak until everyone else has had their say, and we all know how loquacious everyone else can be.

What world do these people live in where women and blacks have a problem speaking up? The problem usually lies in getting them to be quiet, no?

The current institutional level of psycho-feminism that rears its snake-clogged head at Dalhousie University is emblematic of what’s wrong with modern Canada”€”which, as I”€™ve always insisted, is exactly the same as what’s wrong with the modern world.


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