June 20, 2015

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

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And while I’m on the subject, you’d think the genocidal Turks who slaughtered upwards of a million innocent Armenian men, women, and children would have done the world a favor and included the Kardashian clan, but no such luck. What the West should do is wage war on the traffickers and those who preach jihad within Europe. When Churchill had Sir Oswald and Lady Diana Mosley jailed at Holloway for more than two years because he deemed them unreliable as far as Herr Hitler was concerned, only a few eyebrows were raised. Yet in reality there was absolutely no way the Mosleys would have ever done anything to harm the war effort. Still, they were in the clink. Now we have bearded types openly asking for the destruction of our way of life, and the BBC and papers like The Guardian giving them their share of publicity. And instead of rounding them all up and sticking them in prison for 40 years or so, we pretend they are Europeans and that they have the right to do what they’re doing. What were the Mosleys—Martians? We are at war, and anyone giving comfort to the enemy should be tried and jailed for the duration.
The fourth and final African invasion is taking place as I write this, but most of the media are busy covering Jay Z, the Kardashians, and the odd white policeman who handcuffs a black criminal.


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