December 02, 2014

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Handler has abjectly apologized to Woodson (and the online lynch mob) and, as penance, is blegging for donations to … We Need Diverse Books. Being a man of the left, I daresay Handler never expected he”€™d ever be the guy wearing the dunce hat.

But (again, as I always say): read the newspaper upside down. That is, when obligated to patronize the legacy media online, remember that the real story is in the comments.

The many hundreds beneath Woodson’s op-ed prove my point, which is probably why they are “€œnow closed.”€ A reassuringly generous number of them (some even written by self-described blacks) advise her to, in so many words, get a life.

A few diagnose her watermelon allergy as psychosomatic.

But one comment in particular, via “€œJeanne”€ from Maine, stood out:

We all have a history, [sic] French Canadian children in this counry [sic] were brought up to believe they were second class citizens and unfortunately, we/they bought into it as well. Our history is far less cruel than African American history, but the feeling it engendered [sic] are not that different.

Mon dieu! Has such Quebecois “€œwhite niggers of America”€ stuff been expressed so blatantly since, I dunno, the soixante-huitards?

Those frogs should keep their mouths shut, too, given the billions in reparations“€”or is it preemptive ransom money?”€”we”€™ve handed over to them since before I was even born.

And we won the damn war, too.

Je me souviens.

And don”€™t you forget it.


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