Stealth Jews

May 25, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Now, while I admit to taking pleasure in the whole multiple and utilitarian identities thing, I have to add that Jews abuse it a lot. During last year’s primaries, one of my left-leaning friends”€”a Jew, and a damn smart one at that”€”wrote an essay about how, should Sanders win the nomination, the GOP will attack him out of “€œanti-Semitism.”€ This was written at a time when the Hillary camp was pounding Sanders in public (and wrecking his chances of victory in private). This was written at a time when Black Lives Matter protesters were storming his campaign stops to berate him and his supporters. And yet my friend never once accused Hillary, her people, or the BLM screech owls of anti-Semitism. Because as long as it was Clinton versus Sanders, Sanders was white, and Hillary’s attacks were just one white person slamming another. The minute it looked like Sanders might actually get the nomination, once it seemed as though his next foes would be Republican, he became a Jew, and any and all criticism would now become anti-Semitism!

Several weeks ago, a regular reader of mine”€”a media professional with impressive credentials (who understandably wishes to remain anonymous for the moment)”€”contacted me through Takimag to ask a very astute question: When members of the mainstream media churn out their ubiquitous and habitual “€œHollywood is too white”€ articles, when these fine journalists scream bloody murder over the fact that movie studios and TV networks are overwhelmingly white, why don”€™t they adjust for Jews? What would those stats look like if whites and Jews were counted separately? The press already does this with Hispanics when examining race and ethnicity in Hollywood. If your last name is Rodriguez, you”€™re counted as Hispanic, not white, no matter how light your skin tone. But when examining the Hollywood hierarchy, every Fendelbaum, Lemkinberg, and Lipschitz is counted as white. Now, don”€™t get me wrong; I”€™m not veering into “€œa cabal of Jews controls the entertainment industry”€ conspiracy territory. Of course Jews are overrepresented in Hollywood, but so what? I”€™m hostile to all manner of “€œracial quota”€ and “€œenforced diversity”€ foolishness. Jews have a right to be overrepresented in a particular field, just as Asians have a right to be overrepresented in the STEM workforce, and just as blacks have a right to be overrepresented in basketball. And to be fair, Jews did kinda create Hollywood in the first place, so c”€™mon, of course they”€™ll be everywhere in the biz. But that said, for media SJWs to look at Hollywood’s hierarchy and call it “€œwhite”€ is disingenuous.

And while most Jews are more than happy to have their identities subsumed by white when it comes to Hollywood statistics, those same Jews distinguish themselves from whites whenever it’s convenient. A leftist “€œacademic of color”€ demands the firing of all whites? “€œGood for you, schvartze! Go get “€™em! Because it’s not like you”€™re coming after us! We hate the whites too.”€ A white professor calls for white genocide? “€œWhat’s that got to do with us? We ain”€™t white.”€

As black Americans continue to get more and more worked up over the creeping acceptance of transracialism, they need to understand one inconvenient fact: Transracials have been around for a very long time. Kosher, kosher, kosher, kosher, kosher chameleons; we come and go, we come and go. So be kind to the likes of Rebecca Tuvel. Don”€™t take it personally, and know that she means well. Indeed, she’s only stating the obvious.

Take it from me, one of the guys who wears “€œthe cross without the little man on it.”€


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