December 10, 2015

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Three producers were fired because of the prank names, and a fourth one “€œleft for health reasons.”€ But they were fired for ineptitude, not racism. Given the choice, back when the staff members were deciding whether or not to voice their concerns about the names, they each apparently decided, individually, that they”€™d rather take the chance of being fired for incompetence instead of racism. In today’s America, you can survive the former, but the latter means the end, period, no appeals, no future prospects.

San Francisco leftists (I realize that’s redundant) have been especially effective at creating this climate of fear. Seven years before the Asiana episode, Kenyan author NgÅ©gÄ© wa Thiong”€™o was sitting in the lounge of the pricey San Francisco Hotel Vitale when an employee failed to recognize him as a guest, informing him that the lounge was for guests only. That was the extent of the “€œcrime.”€ Thiong”€™o took the employee to the front desk, where a manager quickly set things right and apologized. And that was the end of it, right? No harm, no foul, right?

Very funny. To professional victims, it’s all harm and always foul. The hotel was forced to take out a $450 ad in the San Francisco Bay View newspaper publicly apologizing to Thiong”€™o. The hotel was pressured into making a $5,000 “€œdonation”€ to a local antiracist group. The employee in question was disciplined (the hotel didn”€™t release the details of how severe the discipline was), and”€”get this”€”every single employee was forced to attend “€œdiversity training”€ classes, all for the fleeting actions of one staff member.

Collective punishment. The Nazis used to do that in the occupied countries. It’s a great strategy for sowing fear, and fear is exactly what the left wants to spread. Another great strategy is to make it clear that one mistake will be your last. People will always second-guess their actions if they know they won”€™t have a second chance if they screw up. Last but not least is the strategy of making the crime of being racist equal to or greater than that of, say, committing mass murder. In the wake of last week’s terror attack, we saw this tactic employed by excremental harridan Linda Stasi in the New York Post when she claimed that one of the San Bernardino victims not only deserved his death, but was as culpable as the murderers, because of “€œhateful”€ views he expressed on Facebook.

All of this will ensure that people continue to ignore terror warning signs. The San Bernardino neighbors weren”€™t stupid. Just the opposite”€”they were acutely observant. They knew that, had they reported their suspicions, and had they been wrong, they”€™d have been sued, held up by CAIR as hate criminals, and excoriated by the media. You can”€™t blame them for being frightened. The left has spent a lot of time creating this climate of fear, and now ordinary people are responding as planned.

The left has been just as effective in creating the opposite climate”€”one of no fear”€”for anyone in officially recognized victim groups. Members of “€œoppressed”€ racial and religious communities are encouraged to treat every slight as the end of the world, and to shamelessly seek redress with no sense of proportion or empathy. The aforementioned Thiong”€™o described his “€œordeal”€ (being briefly mistaken for a nonguest) as “€œemotional violence on my person,”€ adding, “€œIt was clear to me that even the Hotel Manager did not understand the depth of the emotional violence on me by a member of his staff…. Words alone cannot describe the horror of the occasion, the emotional violation I experienced but time will heal it.”€

What a trouper. A grateful world salutes his bravery.

This type of overreaction is exactly what the left encourages. The media and the Democrats can”€™t do all the work themselves; average “€œvicticrats”€ must do their part too. Working together, this coalition has succeeded in creating the situation we have now, in which risking a mass-murder spree is actually considered the lesser of two evils compared to being seen as racist.


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