January 28, 2013

Hear, hear! Society in Blighty has broken down, and the prime minister is wasting his time trying to ram same-sex marriage through Parliament. The breakdown of marriage and its impact on society affects 99.9 percent of the population, but Cameron is trying to look trendy by worrying about the 0.1 percent. Cameron and Biden are politicians, the former a bit more honest than the latter, and one expects politicians to lie and try to curry favor with pressure groups such as the gay lobby. But for a clown like Keller to try and show how far behind the US of A is from South Africa is typical of the dishonesty of the Times and its ilk. In reality, there are no human rights in Africa, no women’s rights, no minority rights. Might makes right in that particular continent and everyone except Rip Van Winkle knows it.

In the land of cheese, a Catholic country however secular it pretends to be, same-sex marriage has not raced every trendy French person’s motor. Even movie stars have spoken out against it. But the midget who is president has promised to legalize it. It has been a divisive issue and knowing how gutless Hollande is, it might be swept into the closet, pun intended.

The big problem is the adoption of children. The French, unlike the sheeplike Americans, have not embraced Ginette Has Two Mommies, or two daddies for that matter. But the socialists in power have gone a step further. They want the state to finance procreation for married lesbian couples. Most French people agree that gay couples should have legal rights; what they don”€™t want is for the state to decide who is a parent and who is not.

If he were alive, Noel Coward, a gay person, would raise an eyebrow and announce that it’s much ado about nothing. There are priorities in this world, and gay marriage is not one of them. Just because some effete left-wing academics and their lemmings in the media and Hollywood have taken up the cause is unadulterated bullshit. The best I”€™ve read against it is from Lord Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002:

I support civil partnerships, which put right a basic injustice. I am simply horrified that political leaders have the effrontery to redefine an understanding of marriage upheld by so many for so long.

I am not as polite as the Archbishop. Here’s what I”€™d say to Joe Biden and his ilk: “€œShut the fuck up.”€



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