September 27, 2017

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For example, longtime also-ran Baylor University suddenly vaulted into the national rankings by recruiting players with the pitch:

Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players.

But Baylor is 0–4 this year, and the school is being sued for an alleged 52 rapes by football players.

Basically, nobody on either the left or the right wants to think about the recurrent pattern of black players raping white coeds. Leftists would prefer to hallucinate about Haven Monahan and the Duke lacrosse team, while rightists don’t want to admit that their alma mater really should drop big-time football.

On the other hand, conservative whites, who are so pro-black in most regards, do not at all like football being used to publicly defend criminality, as in the Black Lives Matter protests. Football players endorsing thuggery just reminds white folks of the unfortunate O.J. case.

When blacks on the University of Missouri football team boycotted a game in 2015 in support of the Ferguson rioters, applications collapsed, with the college having to shutter seven of nineteen dormitories.

It’s seems less likely that the mighty NFL will lose its grip on Americans’ Sundays. But when you are on top of the world in ratings, there aren’t many ways to go but down.

Also, football has gotten overly violent for the players’ health, especially as it has come to be increasingly black-dominated. The high average speed of the top black players translates into more forceful impacts, which are bad for the brain.

Last week the brain of New England Patriots tight end/murderer Aaron Hernandez, who killed himself in prison, was found to be riddled with chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

In the years since the NFL’s biggest star, Tom Brady, missed the 2008 season due to an injury, the owners have tried to devise rules to protect their most valuable assets. Perhaps the new dispensation is working: This season Brady, now 40, is still leading the league in Quarterback Rating after three games.

There are a number of additional changes that could be made in the game to make it slightly less brutal. For example, the grass on the playing field could be grown longer so that players would run more slowly.

In any case, it’s likely that fewer whites will play high school football in the future. In California, a state that competes with Florida for the most NFL players produced but where football is more of a game than an obsession, the number of boys playing eleven-man high school football dropped at least 3 percent in both 2015 and 2016.

Whether that will eventually endanger the NFL’s popularity is uncertain. One could foresee the NFL becoming ever more gladiatorial relative to the rest of society.

More radical changes to the rules of football could make it a white-friendlier game, such as by making it more of a test of endurance rather than of explosiveness. For example, up through 1964, college football, like rugby, did not have separate platoons for offense and defense.

Amusingly, when Americans think about how to improve soccer, they always come up with helpful suggestions to make the world’s most popular sport more biased in favor of blacks, such as by adding substitutions and time-outs, which would allow black sprinters to rest more. The soccer authorities, though, have resisted American recommendations, which keeps the top soccer stars mostly white.

It’s hard, however, to conceive of anyone in authority in modern America daring to make football less black.


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