March 08, 2013

Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes

“€œWhite privilege is, if you will, an invisible knapsack of unearned perks and benefits that a white person is able to unpack wherever we go. White privilege is very, very real and yet nobody’s talking about it. Whites can purchase real estate in virtually every neighborhood they want. Nobody worries about property values when a white person moves in the neighborhood. When asking for a loan or writing a check, a white person never has to be concerned with how he or she will be perceived. Whites can say swear words or wear secondhand clothes without anyone assuming it’s due to poverty or illiteracy. When driving a nice vehicle in a bad part of town, a white person rarely has to worry about being pulled over. Even when he does get pulled over, he never wonders if it’s because of his race (unless he’s in a nice car in a bad part of town). If a rich white person gets into a good school, other students don”€™t assume it’s because of affirmative action. A wealthy, well-dressed white person with no tattoos can listen to rap music very loudly on a boom box while riding the New York subway without anyone wondering if they”€™re going to get stabbed.

“€œWhen one opens the discourse to this taboo, we learn many terms that had previously been ignored. “€˜Earned strength”€™ is very different from “€˜unearned power.”€™ Whites are “€˜overprivileged”€™ and enjoy this “€˜unacknowledged power”€™ in a totally “€˜incognizant”€™ way. Privilege can look like power when it is in fact permission to escape or dominate. You don”€™t need round eyes to see that simply by the virtue of their success, whites are seriously and systematically oppressing people of color, and not only the yellow ones. To be overrepresented in a field is to dominate those who are not proportionately represented. Whether whites know it or not, simply existing can be tantamount to a hate crime. The white farmers in Rhodesia found this out the hard way, as so they should.

“€œSo what do we do? How do we change the latent inequality that white people exploit? Should we be penalized? Yes. The first thing we have to do is get some more communication going. Using your voice is the first step to raising awareness, not just parochially but in a transnational sense. We need to redesign social systems where whites are not 75% of everything in this country. We need to ignore the majority and uplift the masses. By staying cloaked in the myth of meritocracy we are denying the latent power of the underprivileged.

“€œLook at Dresden, Germany today and look at Detroit. While white cities are constantly flooded with opportunities to rebuild, cities of color are left to rot. I”€™ve never heard whites discuss “€˜White Power”€™ in public, but you know they”€™re constantly thinking it. How can they not? This false notion of pride is rammed down their throats everywhere they go. Sportscasters may not say they are filled with joy and pride when they see an athlete they like, but you can tell that’s what they”€™re thinking. Sure, using the phrase “€œchink in the armor“€ will get you fired, but that’s because whites have dominated sports until very, very recently. I mean, come on. White people invented Nazis. 

“€œLet’s work together to break the silence. A drop in the bucket seems small until you see all the ripples it makes. To tackle white privilege and bring them down to the subpar level of success (almost) every other group faces, we need systemic change on a global level. Our government needs to get involved. Tax dollars have to be used and you can be sure jobs will be created. White success has been stolen, not earned, and it’s up to these same privileged masses to give back the power and eradicate this unfair system of advantage. We need to transform society to the point where whites”€™ problems don”€™t pale in comparison to those of the less privileged.”€

There…doesn”€™t everything make more sense when this logic is only applied to whites? Asians face the same disadvantages all nonwhites face, especially when it comes to humor.

The questions are complicated, but the answers are simple. If whites accomplish too much, they probably cheated. If anyone else succeeds, it’s due to hard work. Conversely, if anyone’s doing badly, it’s most likely a white person’s fault and not that particular person’s. Now that we know these truths to be self-evident, it’s time to do everything we can, including the immediate massive expansion of government programs, to force this truth to become a reality no matter the cost.



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