February 18, 2008

I knew that this administration makes the gang that couldn’t shoot straight look like criminal geniuses, but I never realized just how dumb the Bush-Cheney gang truly is. When I saw Bush announce that Uncle Sam has recognized Kosovo, it reminded me of those moronic Englishmen who had seen the murderous Stalin in action against his own people who had returned home and told the world they had “been over into the future and it worked.”

How can the State Department be so idiotic? Doesn’t anyone in Heaven’s name realize that Kosovo and Albania are the equivalent danger to European peace that Afghanistan and Pakistan are in the Far East? In order to gain brownie points with the towelheads of Saudi Arabia, America is allowing a Muslim belt to be created in the heart of the Balkans and Christian Europe. Islamic radicals, including supporters of bin Laden, are crawling all over Albania and Kosovo, not to mention the terrorist drug dealers who are infesting European capitals raising money for Islamic causes. It is these same bin Laden KLA members who helped Kosovo fight for independence from Serbia and who will now turn their guns against Christian Serb enclaves.

FDR wished to end the British Empire and managed it even if he didn’t live to see it. The pathology of self-destruction continues. We go to war against the only secular leader of the Muslim world, Saddam, unleash death and destruction and waste our men and resources instead of concentrating them in Afghanistan, and now we encourage, along with the craven Brits and French, a hotbed of terrorism to become the world’s 193rd nation. Even if Bush was a Manchurian candidate controlled by neocons—which he was until he became a lame duck and they lost interest in him—he could not preside over a more self-destructive policy. Palestine had her lands taken away, and her people have suffered under Israel’s brutal occupation for decades, and yet we go and recognize a rogue state of 2 million hoodlums, drug dealers, criminals, and Islamic fanatics. Go figure. And this guy calls himself a Christian.


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