Even cowardly male entertainers who go out of their way to lick women’s boot heels and beat their own chest about how they are “feminist allies” can’t catch a break from The Problematics. On a recent episode of the should-have-been-canceled-decades-ago Saturday Night Live, tiny black comedian Kevin Hart tried making a self-effacing dad joke by claiming it’s harder to be a dad because you always have to be “fun,” and as everyone knows, moms simply aren’t “fun.”

He was, of course, savaged for it, variously referred to as “sexist,” “awful,” and “not good.” TV critic Daniel Fienberg—a picture’s worth a thousand phylacteries—seized the opportunity to publicly chide Hart for a prior cheating scandal, as if any two women on earth ever simultaneously found Daniel Fienberg so attractive that they’d be willing to enable him to cheat at least once in his life:

Given recent problematic specifics of Kevin Hart’s personal life, this would not have been the monologue direction I’d have taken. #SNL.

Mind you, all of this stemmed from Hart joking that moms aren’t fun. The response? An angry thunderstorm of Not Fun. Goddamnit, we’ll prove that moms are fun even if we have to destroy your family, including the mother of your children, in the process.

When blockheaded progressive wind-up doll Matt Damon recently attempted to distinguish between rape and sexual harassment—calling the former worthy of a prison sentence and the latter “just kind of shameful and gross”—washed-up former starlets Alyssa Milano and Minnie Driver raked him over the coals for his “problematic comments.”

The world of The Problematics is a deeply unhappy place where people constantly have 99 problems, all of them imaginary. Where whatever you do—no matter how pure your intentions—they’re going to find a problem with it.

As many longtime leftists are finding out to their bewilderment, there’s always going to be someone standing behind them and shouting in their ear that you can never be too “not racist,” “not sexist” and “not homophobic” enough for them.

And even more chillingly, there’s someone standing behind those people, too, watching their every movie and jotting down their ideological missteps on a little clipboard. It’s a bottomless pit of purity-spiraling.

The only way to escape swirling down this insane sewer drain is to break the cycle and stand up to these limp little totalitarians.

You find my comments unacceptable? That’s fine—I don’t need your acceptance.

You find my beliefs problematic? That’s not my problem.


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