June 26, 2024

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Source: Owain Davies

I feel like Diogenes, the Ancient Greek who walked about sunny Athens with a lamp looking for an honest man. And I have found one in Nigel Farage, certainly the last politician who always tells the truth. What I find truly shocking is those who oppose him, the Rothermere press, for example, whose financial dealings with the British government remind me of Pravda with the Soviet Politburo.

“Farage is the first and last honest man and politician in Britain.”

Having Boris Johnson as a lead cheerleader for Ukraine is fine, as long as he remains safely behind with his large family and cheers young Ukrainians on to death. Keep urging them on, Boris, they’ll fight to the last Ukrainian while you collect kudos for your stance. Other cheerleaders at the Mail and the Telegraph should be ashamed of themselves. In order to discredit Farage, they will brainwash people into backing a war that should have been stopped two years ago. But such are the joys of hypocrisy.

Just take a look at the recent ceremony to mark the Normandy Landing 80 years ago. There was no Russia and no Germany, but Monte Carlo, believe it or not. 27 million Russians died in the battle against Nazi Germany, 27 million, yet Monaco’s Prince Albert shamelessly took the salute with the rest of the heads of state. Monaco was neutral and served as a brothel for German officers during the war, yet Albert was there.

This is just to point out how the media have managed to turn a great country like Russia, which had it not sacrificed its youth we’d all be speaking German nowadays, into a pariah for defending itself against an encroaching NATO despite promises and assurances to the contrary back in the early nineties. What Nigel Farage said is the absolute truth, yet those who take orders from above have gone after him for doing the unmentionable: Telling it like it is. Farage is the first and last honest man and politician in Britain.


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