Algodones, California

—“Migrant parents were misled into waiving rights to family reunification, ACLU tells court”—The Washington Post, July 26 2018

—“Immigrant Parents Unwittingly Signed Away Right to Reunite With Children, Lawyers Say”—Huffington Post, 07/25/2018

—“‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ The Migrant Children Left Behind as Parents Are Deported’”—The New York Times, July 27, 2018

Nowhere will you read that the form the parents signed was written by the ACLU.

Liberals don’t care about kids. They want to wreck our country.

More than 700,000 illegals who were caught sneaking into our country—not the 40 million we didn’t catch—are now living here free. Really free: free health care, free housing, free food. Last year, with a force less than half the size of the New York City Police Department, ICE removed more than 100,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions.

At $75,000 per removal and assuming 80 percent are ordered removed, it will cost taxpayers approximately $42 billion to remove the 700,000 illegals the ACLU made us release, forget the ones we never caught in the first place. That’s just procedural costs—not the costs in welfare, schooling, vaccinations, dental care, drunk driving accidents, MS-13 violence and the ongoing heroin epidemic.

How much would that wall cost, again?

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