August 01, 2014

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Essentially the same is the administration’s penchant for executive orders, to enforce by edict what it wishes had passed by ballot. With this mechanism the “€œDream Act,”€ welcoming millions of the world’s unwanted, has further degraded the condition of residents in the United States, many fearing and some boasting it is but a step to total amnesty.

There is no more abusive notion than the misbegotten pretense that a commander-in-chief has the power to unilaterally choose what laws or portions of laws do or do not exist. Even if the Supreme Court itself were to uphold this falsity that would simply invalidate the court’s foundational mandate. No man in America, whether by his own perfidy or supposed patina of approval, is entitled to impose his will on the nation by personal preference alone. To do so, even the attempt to do so, is the epitome of regency.

Disregard of legalities, summary execution of populations, annulment of formal obligations, and presiding by singular decree are not American traditions but those of an antiquated Europe.

The most astounding aspect of the entirety of this pervasive usurpation is its swiftness. Louis XIV reigned 72 years and 110 days, the longest for any monarch of a significant nation in Continental history. Obama has been in the White House just over five years and 190 days. Although one may legitimately argue that the groundwork for present encroachment was laid by his predecessors, only now has an American officeholder been so brazen in openly assuming a dictatorial stance.

Barry may be well advised to reflect: throughout history a great many tyrants have ruled, some quite recently, who one day were basking in the reflected glory of lackeys who feared to stop clapping first, yet the very next day found themselves in somewhat less monocratic circumstances. Often there is little discernible difference between moments save a date on the calendar; perhaps the most apt explanation being it is proverbially a straw which breaks the camel’s back.

Americans have been under an immense strain for innumerable years and tomorrow ever arrives sooner than we think.


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