May 11, 2017

Lee Circle, New Orleans

Lee Circle, New Orleans

Source: Bigstock

Even worse than the disgusting corruption behind this collusion was the behavior of the goons sent in to attack the patriots. While we have armed war vets like the Oath Keepers and free-speech chauvinists like the Proud Boys, they have amassed a delirious mob of spoiled brats who attack like manic junkies about to get shot. Eileen Marcinkowski was pepper-sprayed in her wheelchair by a flailing feminist who looks like k.d. lang on Halloween and Arlene Barnum had her tires slashed. Like fellow Black Rebel Andrew Duncomb, Arlene is an African-American Confederate who understands the importance of preserving history. I tried to get an interview with Arlene and Andrew but they were hiding in a safe house after receiving numerous death threats. Maybe it was Antifa leader Gene Black. He tweeted out a picture of himself with a shotgun: “€œGoing Nazi hunting…”€

Despite an apparent stand-down order to police. Despite the government busing in anarchists to assault the locals. Despite a national narrative that the South is racist and they should be ashamed of their history, the patriots won. This story isn”€™t just about New Orleans. The far left showed their true colors. They aren”€™t rebels. At the lowest level they are mentally ill communists desperate for destruction. At the highest level they are puppet masters who use zealots as servants to hide violence with egalitarian posturing. From top to bottom they are all fascists clamoring for power in an America that has finally caught on to them. Trump’s first 100 days haven”€™t been perfect, but they”€™re looking like the last 100 days the left had any say in our future.


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