Now geisha girls are a problem even though no geisha girl in the history of geisha girls has ever complained about any Halloween costume. In fact, a common ritual for white tourists in Japan is for their Japanese hosts to deck out their guests in traditional garb (the other problem with Asians complaining about white privilege is how much more successful they are than whites). Mexicans don”€™t give a mierda about being depicted riding a donkey and wearing a sombrero. The walls along their streets are riddled with paintings of a lazy hombre sleeping with a sombrero over his face. That depiction couldn”€™t be someone from Belize or Guatemala. It’s strictly Mexican and they”€™re proud of it. What true Hispanic on God’s green earth genuinely has a problem with that costume?

Indians never cared about all this PC crap either. They just noticed it has currency and they want their cut. I know plenty of Indians and the only reason they started talking about genocide was all the attention Jews were getting for discussing theirs. They didn”€™t care about the Washington Redskins ten years ago. They cared when it became politically fashionable to do so. (Incidentally, isn”€™t it interesting how easy it is to show Indian culture in one costume? I had an Indian scoff at me once for discussing white culture and I was forced to point out that a Halloween store would have to be a warehouse to store the Scotsman, the Viking, the golfer, the mad scientist, the astronaut, the miner, the knight, the German, the pirate, the sailor, and all our other manifestations, while the Indian is basically one costume. Even walking through the American Indian Museum means you have to check the cards to know if you”€™re looking at a different tribe.) You can”€™t dress in this one relatively synonymous costume but you can depict any white costume as negatively as you want. Walmart bans the Arab nose but to depict a drunk Scotsman with gin blossoms is so acceptable it’s almost boring.

The trouble with censorship is it assumes you know what the perpetrator is thinking. Europeans have America-themed parties all the time. They serve burgers and “€œpopcorns”€ and drink out of red Solo cups. The way the thought police talk, you”€™d think it was a “€œDeath to America”€ conference held by ISIS. It’s not. It’s a silly tribute with little or no thought behind it. Halloween here is the same. By pretending hatred is floating around the party like a toxic gas you are usurping more than just fun, humor, irreverence, and a carefree attitude. You are killing an integral part of American culture. We already got rid of puritan culture and the crippling rules it implies. We tossed out the British and their uptight snobbery. This Halloween, let’s celebrate what it is to be an American and just have a big, stupid party without worrying about what the thought police might think. They”€™re not invited.


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