April 08, 2014

Part of the point, so far as I understand it, of libertarianism (so-called) is the right of free association, including the right to form intentional communities with like-minded folks of one’s own choosing. For me this means eventual retreat to the high desert of Arizona, finding safety and comfort among the wide-open spaces and pickup-driving Rocky Mountain rednecks. If other people choose to retreat to white identity enclaves, black nationalist communes, or lesbian separatist collectives, that’s their right. 

I don”€™t see why it’s any of my business and it’s certainly no skin off my nose. 

If anything, it seems that this is precisely what “€œdiversity”€ means: A multiplicity of ways of life, each coexisting (ahem) next to the others without the need to evangelize, proselytize, or otherwise bully their neighbors into submission.

A more sophisticated man than I might be able to do the math on this one, but a desire for “€œequality”€ strikes me as operationally totalitarian. Whether one uses the strong arm of the law or the allegedly “€œsofter”€ power of the mob in action doesn”€™t matter a hell of a lot to me. It all amounts to the same.

More to the point, libertarianism is nothing if it isn”€™t about personal responsibility. Where seeking allies using the language of the professional victimhood industry fits into all this is a question the libertarian progressives have yet to address. 


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