July 12, 2017

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The conservative Beach Boys sang “€œBe True to Your School,”€ but much of contemporary progressivism consists of recess resentments writ large. The American Nietzsche, Tom Wolfe, wrote in 2012 of liberal journalists:

Their politics were set for life in the schoolyard at age six.

Now, you might think that Poland ought to be widely seen as the leading success story of late-20th-century European political thinking. Formerly a tragic victim-nation of both Great Powers imperialism and ideological totalitarianism, Poland is now a thriving republic that enjoys both the rights of national self-determination and the privileges of membership in the European Union. (Most notably, the Poles possess access to the high-paying German and British labor markets.)

The Poles, not surprisingly, are advocates of both the E.U. and of NATO. Moreover, Poland is hardly xenophobic: It has taken in something like one million fellow Slavs from neighboring basket case Ukraine.

But Poland is increasingly viewed by the American media as deplorable because the Law and Justice Party that won an outright majority of parliamentary seats in late 2015 has resisted Chancellor Merkel’s demand that the rest of Europe bail her out of her error of authorizing an immense hegira of a million or so military-age non-European males. The elected Polish government has refused to allow Merkel’s Muslims to form chain-migration beachheads in their nation-state.

To the American media, therefore, the Poles now embody the cardinal sin of Islamophobia. For example, veteran American journalist Walter Shapiro scoffed in The Guardian:

A surprising omission in Donald Trump’s Warsaw foreign policy address was the president’s failure to hail the 17th century Polish king, John III Sobieski. As Steve Bannon and his fellow hard-right history buffs in the White House must know, it was Sobieski who defeated the Turks in 1683 at the gates of Vienna”€”and saved central Europe from a Muslim invasion….

About all that was missing from Trump’s Warsaw war cry was a rousing chorus of Onward Christian Soldiers.

Today, of course, we know that we ought to be singing “Onward, Muslim Migrants.”

Poland is extremely nondiverse. Thus, it has suffered no terrorism in recent years.

To goodthinkers, there’s something about Poland’s recent good fortune that just seems wrong. Poland’s not broken, the feeling grows, so let’s break it. A New York Times op-ed noted:

Central Europe appreciated the president’s speech. It resonated with the very real fears of societies traumatized by the refugee crisis and the equally real prospect of a two-tiered European Union. (The irony, of course, is that Poles accept a vision of a planet wrecked by terrorists and sullied by migrants when not a single terrorist act has taken place in Poland for decades and there are almost no refugees within the country’s borders.)

The Polish state having no Muslim refugees, no terrorism, and no desire to replicate the mistakes of France and Germany is, actually, not all that ironic when you stop and think about it. But thinking is out of fashion.

The notion that has become rampant since 2015 among apologists for Chancellor Merkel’s mistake, that “€œEuropean values”€ demand Europeans swamp themselves with non-Europeans, would have seemed literal nonsense to the leading Europeans of the very recent past. For example, Germany’s former Social Democratic chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a great Cold Warrior of the 1970″€“80s, thought Muslim immigration a blunder.

By early 2016, after the Cologne sex assaults, we started to see it grudgingly, quietly admitted that Merkel had simply blundered. But then with the subsequent triumphs of Brexit and Trump, which were in sizable part due to Merkel revealing what elite ideology meant in practice, the respectable press has doubled down again on the idea that, when you really stop and think about it, only deplorables would have any objection to lots more million-Muslim mobs.

After all, European values require the sweeping away of Europeans.

It became necessary to destroy Europe to save it.


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