The fabricating is most often done out of whole cloth by the victim class itself. Even as I write, a black student somewhere in America is likely hanging a noose on a school locker or spray-painting “€œKKK”€ on a wall.

Alternatively, an ambiguous incident can be colored up to look like an act of oppression. Thus, a public-spirited white”€”or white-enough“€”citizen seeking to keep his neighborhood safe after a rash of burglaries gets into an altercation with a black juvenile delinquent. The JD ends up dead. The Tutsi-run media jump on the case, presenting it to the world as a sinister white psychopath stalking and wantonly murdering a cherubic child.

Hence the ongoing conviction trial of George Zimmerman.

The coed military. Feminists were agreeably outraged by my column mocking the US military’s encyclopedia-sized reports on sexual harassment. Just doing my job, gals.

This has been a long campaign. The elite strategy here is twofold: to destroy the military, a treasured Hutu institution, while simultaneously affirming the ideological principle that in the human sphere, everything is equal to everything else.

Homosexual marriage. You will hear it argued that the push for homosexual marriage is likewise twofold: to destroy marriage, another cherished Hutu institution, and to assert egalitarian dogma.

Possibly, but there are two problems with that. One: As Charles Murray has demonstrated, the Tutsi elites are at least as fond of marriage as Hutus”€”more fond of it than low-class Hutus. Two: Homosexual marriage ticks off blacks and Hispanics, key client groups.

No, I say it’s pure ideology. When a regime under strong ideological control goes to war, military considerations will sometimes be set aside in deference to doctrinal goals: valuable rolling stock requisitioned to feed the labor camps, etc.

And the Cold Civil War grinds on.



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