The Corporate War on Free Speech

March 05, 2018


This leftist site applauds the across-the-board corporate censorship of dissident-right ideas that has been so aggressively ramped-up post-Charlottesville. The array of links here is staggering:

We’ve seen an escalation in the deplatforming of nazi and white supremacists hate groups lately, with companies like GoDaddy, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Spotify, Cloudflare, Google, Squarespace, Paypal, Airbnb, GoFundMe, OkCupid, Twilio, SendGrid, Zoho, Reddit, Uber, Kickstarter, WordPress, LinkedIn, MailChimp, EventBrite, SoundCloud, Bumble, Instagram, Namecheap, Discover Financial Services, Visa, and Youtube denying them a place to spread their hate online, and off.

All of that corporate censorship is ideological, and it all leans in one direction. If you’re aware of Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other of these tech colossi banning anyone for cheering on Che Guevara, let me know.

How can anyone interpret this as anything more than either a staunch unwillingness, or even an outright inability, on the part of the corporate globalist left to debate ideas that they deem unacceptable? Six years ago I wrote about the left’s cowardice when it comes to debating, especially since I approach the art “like a bloodsport.” And the most exciting recent online development I’ve seen were the livestreamed “Internet Bloodsports” debates hosted by the likes of Andy Warski and Baked Alaska. The debates almost exclusively involved squabbles between luminaries from competing segments of the right because, as I’ve said, leftists are too cowardly to debate anything these days.

YouTube recently banned both Andy Warski and Baked Alaska from livestreaming, presumably because they allow “trusted flaggers” such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to take down anything which chafes their sensitive skin.

But it doesn’t stop at racial realists such as the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin. Now that the corporate left has seized the right to label anyone they dislike as a Nazi extremist, they’re also going after resolutely non-race-oriented groups such as the NRA and Alex Jones’s Infowars. Just like the SPLC classifies even the most benign and corny pro-family organizations as “hate groups,” they will smear anyone who doesn’t bow to their ideological diktats as a Nazi.

Some have suggested that the tech giants represent illegal monopolies and thus require government regulation to allow access for dissident opinions.

I’m not sure how that would work nor whether government intrusion is even desirable, but of this I am certain: They can’t shut everyone up. At least they can’t if a substantial number of you are willing to keep talking. The fact that they’re trying so frantically to silence you is not evidence that they are confident in their own beliefs, but that they deeply fear your beliefs. Play on that fear. Don’t let these psychotic and sadistic control freaks frighten you into shutting your mouths.

The minute you open your mouths is the minute they lose the argument. Deep down, I suspect they know this. And that’s why they’re trying to rip out your tongues.

So keep talking. Everyone knows I will.

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