August 21, 2014

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To call the academy “€œthe academy”€ today is a bit misleading. Mencius Moldbug was the one who started calling it “€œthe Cathedral“€ (this is the part where I remind the reader that I am most certainly not a neoreactionary). Some have griped about the use of specific religious nomenclature, but it’s hard to argue that contemporary progressivism is anything but a secularized folk religion”€”and a particularly paranoid and vicious one.

Its priests are getting ready to meet, and while most of America couldn”€™t give a toss about what they”€™re discussing”€”most of America probably couldn”€™t understand what they”€™re discussing, which is a testament to their horse sense”€”you can bet your last Stafford Loan dollar that it’s going to affect us sooner rather than later. One thing the postmodern crowd gets right is that tomorrow’s mainstream ideas start out on the margins.

What they don”€™t mention is the relentless push from true believers on the left margin to dictate all change. Taki’s readers of even my generation can easily rattle off a presumption or three, considered unthinkable during our youth, which are now articles of faith and thus prerequisites for admission to what passes for polite society. The leftist Leviathan moves ever onward.

More mature readers”€”and I hope you are many, as I consider myself something of an early-onset senior citizen”€”should pause before starting that college fund for little Billy. While exceptionally combative and well-reared youngsters will relentlessly fight the good fight, most kids are just going to be studying cultural Marxism by day (or at least midafternoon) and hitting up foam parties by night.

Tomorrow’s outlandish idea is tomorrow’s public policy. One shivers to speculate as to what grievous social injustices the egghead priests will cook up for the laboring classes this Labor Day”€”or, indeed, on Labor Day weekends yet to come.


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