August 09, 2012

The one I felt sorry for was the only Saudi female athlete, who looked ill at ease at the opening ceremony and even less so—she’s only a blue belt in judo—when her Puerto Rican opponent threw her almost immediately. The Saudis and Qataris do not produce athletes. They buy them in Africa the way they buy everything else.

Even worse than the crying was the political strong-arming. A German rower quit and went home when a paper revealed that her boyfriend belonged to an extreme right party—mind you, a legal one. Ditto for the Greek triple jumper that the Greek Olympic federation expelled. All the Greek lassie did was post a comment about how many Africans are parked in Greece for the duration. There are over a million. What kind of anti-fascist hysteria is this? One does not only have to train one’s body to compete, but also one’s mindset. Africa and Muslim nations are good while everything white is bad and banned from future competition. These are the actions of a police state, which Europe is quickly becoming.

The Chinese got the message long ago. They genetically clone their athletes only to perform and not to think.


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