September 21, 2015

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The answer to her question: about six million.

Coulter was immediately dubbed an “anti-Semite,” and pundits were quick to predict that this would signal an end to her career”€”which, again, would somehow in their minds prove that Jews don’t have sufficient power to destroy people who criticize them.

“I like the Jews,” Coulter subsequently tweeted. She tried explaining that the GOP should be hammering on the immigration issue, since all Republicans supposedly agree on Israel, abortion, and how wonderful Ronald Reagan was. She explained that she’s pro-Israel and admires how that nation deals with its unwanted immigrants”€”namely, by expelling them. She even said that the word “fucking” in “How many fucking Jews…” was in reference to the “How many” part and not the “Jews” part. She tried to make clear that she wasn’t calling them “fucking Jews.”

Coulter also said that she doesn’t believe Jews hold disproportionate power, but that by openly sucking up to Israel, certain GOP candidates were promoting the hackneyed old illusion that they do. Since I can’t read minds, I don’t know whether Coulter’s explanation was sincere or merely a desperate case of backpedaling.

No matter what one thinks about Ann Coulter or Jews, one would be a denier to claim that American minorities don’t enjoy a huge privilege that is denied to all of us supposedly privileged non-Jewish whites”€”absolute freedom from public criticism.

We appear to be squirming under the iron thumb of minoritarianism, where the majority, under threat of severe punishment, is always expected to buckle to minorities’ whims. Excuse me for livin’, but that’s the opposite of how democracy is supposed to work.


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