May 24, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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You see, Trudeau calls himself a feminist. All. The. Time. And for those few who haven”€™t sussed this out by now, that doesn”€™t mean he treats women equally and respectfully. That would be cwazy tawk! No, it means that, when he elbows one in the boobs, it’s no big deal. Because his feminism “€œshots”€ are up to date. He’s immune. See: “€œClinton, Bill”€ and “€œKennedy, Ted”€ for homegrown examples.

Oh, and “€œGhomeshi, Jian”€ for one northern varietal.

I”€™ve written about Ghomeshi before: the women’s-studies major”€“turned”€“minor musician”€“turned”€“major Canadian broadcasting “€œstar”€ and progressive pinup”€”until he was accused of slapping around his girlfriends. That case went very badly for the girlfriends, but accusations nevertheless persist that Ghomeshi and his fart catchers created a “€œtoxic work environment”€ at the CBC. One I was forced to subsidize via government extortion, and where his “€œinappropriate”€ “€œsexist”€ behavior was tolerated and “€œenabled”€ zzzzzzz so sleepy

Alas for, well, this column, “€œthree’s a trend,”€ not two. But having no such professional scruples, amateur journalists from Victoria to St. John’s gleefully reposted this photo of Ghomeshi and Trudeau looking chummy as shit, along with an #Elbowgate hashtag and cheeky “€œWe”€™re feminists!”€ captions.

So bonus points to this guy, who unearthed this less familiar item (and potential alternative to syrup of ipecac) courtesy of Radio-Canada circa 2012:

Justin Trudeau telling fellow panelist Jian Ghomeshi that he’s handsome, and Trudeau’s wife egging him on to kiss Ghomeshi. I”€™m proud to say I don”€™t speak more than a dozen words in French, so I”€™m unable to report whether or not it was before or after that exchange that Justin smooched the openly gay host of the show on the lips. (All at taxpayers”€™ expense, natch.)

I do know that, while obviously accidental, Trudeau’s “€œtwo minutes for elbowing”€ will cost him a bit of “€œfeminist”€ cred. But not much. The spectacle actually revealed far more about the PM’s diva-like, DNA-level sense of entitlement. And no Liberal voter currently (secretly) experiencing stirrings of buyer’s remorse today can honestly say they”€™ve been ambushed, either.

To return to Obama’s little speech, exactly as it was helpfully transcribed by Time:

So tonight, history comes full circle. Forty-four years ago, President Nixon made a visit to Ottawa. And he was hosted by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. [Applause] At a private dinner, there was a toast. “€œTonight, we”€™ll dispense with the formalities,”€ President Nixon said, “€œI”€™d like to propose a toast to the future Prime Minister of Canada”€”Justin Pierre Trudeau.”€ [Laughter] He was four months at the time. [Laughter]

I know, right? Hilarious.


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