August 17, 2015

And then there’s this:

Socio-emotionally, this narrative functions as a tool in stigma resistance….In addition to the re-moralizing function, there are material benefits to be gained through a shared narrative that essentializes BIID….

I can’t argue with a word of that. I can’t even understand a word of that.

Cliff-diving from highbrow to lowbrow, here’s a Jerry Springer clip with a male-to-female transsexual/transabled fella who chopped off both his legs.

To their shame and dismay, the transabled are not generally welcomed by the America’s vast and diverse disabled community. Just as many radical feminists reject trannies because they’re not really women and thus can’t truly relate to their suffering, many actually disabled people reject the transabled because they’re not really disabled. Or at least they didn’t have to be.

The persistent notion”€”or, if you will, the inherently contradictory delusion”€”shared by both the “transgendered” and the “transabled” is the idea that only by radically altering their bodies can they become their “true” selves. They are somehow able to see logic in the notion that someone can only become “whole” by becoming three-quarters of what they once were. As one post-amputation Person of Transability phrased it:

I maybe am more comfortable sexually with myself and others as an amputee, because I would be a complete person.

Even gender dysphoria”€”if you remember, Bruce Jenner recently announced that he’d come down with a nasty case of it”€”is still technically classified as a mental disorder. Yet it’s being feted and normalized. It occurred to me a little while back that the difference between transsexuals and schizophrenics is that the latter group doesn’t hold pride parades”€”not yet, at least.

Political correctness has become a way to legitimize madness. Leftism constantly busies itself with creating mental problems out of thin air and then attempting to validate them. Twenty years ago when “body modification””€”mostly cheesy and easily infected nipple piercings”€”were all the rage, a friend and I joked that the next big trend would be self-amputation. And here we are, watching that joke become reality.

There’s something clearly wrong with the so-called “transabled,” but it’s not that they have too many limbs. It’s that they have too many cheerleaders.


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