December 31, 2015

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Let’s be clear about one thing. N-L is speaking about insurance against an imminent banking collapse. Whether he shouts or whispers this fact, in person or on TV, this is what he believes himself, and buying gold, for him, is part of a survival strategy for just such a scenario. A veritable doomsday event that, in his view, is all but certain; the only question for him being: to what degree will the system collapse? He offered two collapse scenarios, posed as questions: (1) “€œ[Will] we have a “€˜deflationary”€™ banking collapse, followed by yet more stimulus?”€ Or (2) “€œWill people work out the underlying deflationary pressures first?”€ And will they react accordingly, correctly; and with or without resorting to easy money?

Who knows? Either way, it’s important to hold it. Of course, Ned’s job is to sell gold, bear in mind. Reassuringly, in speaking of a future crisis, he added: “€œIt’s not an Armageddon. It’s a re-set.”€ Only, if you listen to Ned on the Keiser Report you”€™ll hear him clearly stating that “€œthe endgame is the loss of the last one percent of value of the dollar,”€ and more… Sounds like Armageddon to me, though. Before we resort to apocalyptic survival training, let’s consider N-L’s tactical advice: Buy gold on a monthly basis, so that you even out the price (a practice called “€œdollar/cost averaging”€). And keep buying…presumably to buy your way out of any dilemma?

That’s not all. As if there aren”€™t sufficient reasons to buy kilo bars and start stacking them”€”yesterday!”€”prepare yourself for one last, and quite unexpected, twist in this tale of gold. A story of one of the oldest, most enduring forms of money in history”€”one that has been in circulation since well before Jesus Christ. You won”€™t believe it…

It’s bitcoin (BTC). The notorious software-based cryptocurrency, created in 2007 by a phantom computer programmer. According to TRAC CEO Jan Skoyles again, gold and BTC”€”one of the oldest stores of value known to man, and the ultra-newest”€”may well seem like unlikely bedfellows. Yet some experts and entrepreneurs believe there is a real potential for the two of them to work in tandem”€”as in, for instance, bullion-backed bitcoin?


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