October 13, 2016

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Jones”€™ piece was titled “€œRepublicans Push Back Against Anti-Semitism Charge by Smearing “€˜Jewish Guy with Nasally Voice”€™”€:

How do you smear the Holocaust denier and prove that you, a Republican, are not a bigot? Oh, I don”€™t know. Probably by asking how they were supposed to know that the “€œJewish guy with the nasally voice was a complete liar and a fraud.”€… If anything will lend a right wing group credence, it’s getting together just to scorn other people but we are not bigots”€”omg your nasally voice.

Golub’s denunciations and prostrations were all for naught. The left found a way to attack him as a bigot for denouncing a (supposed) bigot. Golub scored no points at all and he was made to look like a complete fool. I could have told him his plan wouldn”€™t work. Leftists don”€™t play fair. To them, it’s not about coexistence or detente with their foes, but domination, destruction, suppression, and banishment.

Astoundingly, the Golub Gambit is still not only in use by Republicans, but its adherents continue to defend the plan’s soundness. Of course, every insincere Trump renunciant, every rat who deserted the ship for save-ass reasons, will learn soon enough how unsaved his rat-ass is. No Republican will “€œsurvive”€ Trump; his taint will be affixed to all. The GOP will for a generation be the Grabbers Of Pussy. None shall escape the stigma. That any think they will absolutely floors me.

Perhaps the oddest version of the Golub Gambit I encountered this year emanated not from a Trump hater, but a supporter. The Federalist’s Mytheos Holt was, like Golub, a member of my private Republican Party Animals Facebook group. Truth be told, I always found him to be one of the less objectionable millennials in the pack. Earlier this year, Holt penned a series of pieces titled “€œThe Intellectual Case for Trump”€ (no pretense there). In the essays, Holt went all-in for Trump, but not from a “€œwhite nationalist”€ or a “€œtoxic white identity politics”€ perspective. As he made clear, he’s not one of those scummy racist pro-Trumpers. He’s a “€œyoung, financially secure”€ gent who “€œgraduated from one of America’s elite liberal arts colleges with strong academic distinctions.”€ Yes he’s pro-Trump, but he’s an intellectual, unlike you filthy pigs.

I reached out to Mytheos back in August for a column I was working on. I let him know I was writing for Taki’s now, and I asked him if I could run a few questions by him. His reply? “€œI can”€™t be quoted in Takimag. Sorry.”€

For the record, let me say that in the course of my time here at Taki’s, I”€™ve interviewed an exceptionally varied cast of extremely “€œmainstream”€ characters, from Shary Flenniken, one of the minds behind National Lampoon magazine in its prime, and Earl Skakel, a Comedy Central roast writer, to Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute, UPenn medical ethicist Dr. Jessica Martucci, and UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, and nobody”€”nobody“€”has ever expressed the slightest reservation about being quoted in Takimag.

Young Mytheos”€™ reply starkly illustrates that the reality detachment exhibited by Trump denouncers is shared by some Trump cheerleaders as well. The man actually thinks he”€™ll survive his endorsement unscathed because he made it in an “€œintellectual”€ and nonracist way. Yet he also thinks it could do unspeakable damage to his life to be quoted here. Word to the youthfully unwise, Mytheos: Being quoted in Taki’s is going to be the least of your troubles. No one on the left is going to give a shit that you supported Trump “€œintellectually,”€ just as no one on the left is going to cut any slack to the conservatives and Republicans currently jumping ship. You”€™re all Hitler. You”€™re all Ted Bundy. You”€™re all toast.

I will say this, in praise of Mytheos: His reply gave me the opportunity to quote someone in Takimag saying, “€œI can”€™t be quoted in Takimag.”€ As a connoisseur of fine irony, I was overjoyed at being given that opportunity. It’s by far my favorite moment of the entire 2016 election. Almost makes the whole deranged circus fire worthwhile.


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