July 16, 2012

Being pro-abortion and anti-“€œracism”€ also ignores the fact that abortion disproportionately eliminates black fetuses. Although leftists insist that all living humans are equal, they never apply this standard to the dead or the unborn. It’s true that Mississippi lynched more blacks (539) than any other state in American history, but if you extrapolate statistics from here, black women in Mississippi chose to abort over 2,000 of their fetuses in the year 2008 alone, most of them likely at the little clinic in Jackson. If only a quarter of those women had decided not to abort that year, it would have numerically replaced the total number of blacks lynched throughout Mississippi history.

Even the seemingly benign terms “€œfamily planning”€ and “€œbirth control”€ have a eugenic flavor to them, and if you dig back a century or so, you”€™d see that the antique “€œprogressives”€ who hatched the modern “€œprogressives”€ were positively gung-ho about eugenics.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, the Mother of a Billion Thwarted Embryos, focused on contraception rather than abortion, but her reasons for doing so would shock the armpit hair right off the shrillest modern pro-choice radical feminist. Sanger said she believed blacks were inferior and buddied up with people such as Lothrop Stoddard, author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White Supremacy. Sanger published articles with titles such as “€œBirth Control and Positive Eugenics”€ and wrote a book called Woman and the New Race. She spoke of a “€œpitifully cruel sentimentalism”€ that forbade “€œthe process of weeding out the unfit.”€

Despite its eugenic roots, Planned Parenthood continues to receive nearly a half-billion in tax dollars yearly.

Westerners routinely practice voluntary eugenics by choosing to abort over 90 percent of fetuses that genetic screening determines are afflicted with Down syndrome. In Asia, female fetuses are routinely aborted due to advances in sonography and amniocentesis. House Democrats in America recently shot down a Republican-sponsored bill that would have made it illegal for anyone to perform an abortion “€œknowing that the abortion is sought based on the sex, gender, color or race of the child, or the race of a parent of that child.”€ In the leftist cosmos, both discrimination and life only begin at birth.

Beyond aborting to screen out medical defects and for reasons of “€œdiscrimination,”€ if someone aborts a fetus because they feel incapable of either providing it with sufficient love or supporting it financially, they are in some way declaring themselves to be “€œunfit”€ parents, a term which carries its own eugenic undertones.

And then there are women who are merely too stupid, shiftless, or slutty to practice proper birth control. Such behavior may suggest dysgenic character traits in the mother, but it’s not as if she’s consciously promoting eugenic concepts.

So unless she’s merely being a lazy slob, the female consumer of abortion services is deliberately practicing eugenics. In summary, abortion is strictly for eugenicists or lazy slobs, and I have no tolerance for lazy slobs.



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