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The Left’s Ever-Shifting Goalposts

May 05, 2015


The proper question is this: “€œHow many years must the pause continue before you are willing to concede that it might not be a pause in a man-made catastrophe but rather an end to a natural cycle.”€ There. Simple. With that one question, we”€™re not asking climate change experts to predict global temperatures like an Oscar race, but rather, we”€™re asking each expert to provide a figure for how long they”€™ll continue to call it a “€œpause”€ before they are open to the possibility that it’s a conclusion.

If the warming mavens answer, “€œno amount of time, no amount of data, will ever convince me to alter my position that this is a temporary pause,”€ they”€™re rejecting the scientific method and admitting to being an adherent to a faith. But, if they provide a figure for their own personal time limit on calling it a pause, they”€™re tying themselves down. They”€™re anchoring the goalpost, and that’s not what you want to do when you”€™re in the business of keeping it moving.

Every climate expert who is involved in any kind of lobbying for new taxes, treaties, or legislation “€“ in other words, every advocate who seeks to affect your life and mine “€“ needs to answer that question: “€œHow many years must the pause continue before you are willing to concede that it might not be a pause but an end.”€ No one should be allowed to influence public policy on climate matters without providing an answer to that simple question.

These “€œexperts”€ have hobbled industry, put people out of work, taxed ordinary citizens, and micro-managed every aspect of people’s lives from lightbulbs to asthma inhalers to grocery bags. If the pause lasts longer than the number of years they concede a “€œpause”€ should last, there must be a public reckoning. Haul them in front of congressional committees. Initiate civil suits. Be merciless. I”€™m talking about some heavy-handed draconian Nuremberg Trial nastiness. Call them to account for pushing burdensome public policies while dismissing as “€œdeniers”€ those who suggested that the pause was not a pause at all, but an ending.

How many years must the pause continue before it’s reasonable to suggest that it might be more than just a pause? A scientist seeking to expand human knowledge will answer that question. A magician looking to deceive a mark won”€™t.

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